Canadian HTP Instructors (HTCP/I)

We are here to serve you!

The following is a list of those Canadian instructors currently teaching.  It  is accompanied by their email address and province of residence.   Classes are offered in English by all the instructors while Yolande, Robert and Natalie teach in French as well.  We are all happy to answer any questions or travel to your community to teach a class especially for you!   Our bios and more info about HT classes can be found at 

Verna Besselink   Alberta 

Norma Bettes    Manitoba

Yolande Boule-Douglas    Quebec

Natalie Goguen   New Brunswick

Karen Hoskyn    British Columbia

Cathy Landry   Northwest Territories

Betty Minifie    Alberta

Jeannette Nienaber   British Columbia

Elke Nowiki   Alberta

Cindy Palajac    Ontario

Robert Roy    New Brunswick

Karen Wood    Ontario